Flatbed Tunnel Tarping System

Easiness and Versatility

Convert your flatbed into a trailer box at a fraction of the cost.

Transport the biggest loads available, more thatn with other tarping systems.

The flatbed tunnel system is designed to transport the tallest and biggest loads.

Easy-to-operate Front Tensioning with Rear Adjustable Locking system
Adjust the tarp tension when needed.

Its compact structure, the non invasive tensioning system and closing system offer the best cargo volume in the market.

Heavier Loads
The weight of the system is minimum, so you can carry heavier loads.
Front panel and bows are aluminium made.
Tensioning and closing mechanisms are easy and lightweight to manipulate.
Tarp is strong and resistant, and at the same time lightweight.


Keep your loads dry

Stay calm, your load will stay dry even in the worst weather conditions.


Silkscreen or photo-style graphics
Take advantage of your moving billboard and advertise your company.


Satisfied companies with happy employees
Retain your best Drivers and keep cost predictables with this easy-to-operate, safe and reliable tarp system.

We offer and design the accessories that you want & need (van doors, digital photo graphics, double lift bows & more).

Our systems are the safest on the market. You never need to put a foot on the trailer and Chameleon’s require less effort to open & close.