About us

We design and distribute the best tarping solutions to cover the different boxes used in the transportation industry, as well as in the general industry.

Solutions Tarps manufactures and sales vinyl and mesh tarps. We specialize in tarps for the transportation industry, ranging from tarps for dump trucks, going through tarps for flatbeds.

We have a variety of different products:

  • Lumber Tarps
  • Steel Tarps
  • Coil Tarps
  • Smoke Tarps
  • Mesh tarps for Belly Dumps
  • Side to Side tarping system tarps.
  • Cable Tarps

The quality of our raw materials and raw materials and the attention to details given to our tarps assures that you’ll get the best tarps and meshes available in the USA. All products are made in America and are given at a competitive price like the once given to asian products, but with higher quality grade materials.

You are invited to compare the quality and workmanship of Solutions Tarps materials to any competing product.

There is no equipment we cannot cover. Transportation industry is varied in equipment and needs. That is why our solutions span in a wide range: from beds for vans, trucks and belly dumps, all the way through 53′ long 8 wheeler flatbeds. Even railroad wagons have been covered by us.

Our objective is more than just giving the customer a good product, it is going the extra mile in customer service and post- sale attention. We maintain an inventory of tarping system parts and spare parts in order to better serve you in the shortest time frame possible.

As we specialize entirely in tarps, we can also offer you the confection of special designs, sizes, colors and wides in order to maintain good quality tarps.

Besides having an open range of variations, we can also adjust to your exact tarping needs.